Thursday, 9 June 2011

Summer Goals!

I find it at times difficult to manage my time , especially when it comes to exam time I can get  easily distracted by the world around me (but I suppose that's true for most people). I make lists but find it hard to stick to them however this time I am determined to do all of the tasks on my Summer to do list .
So here it is;
  1. Make Perfume - As you know following my last blog post I am trying to make Perfume at home using plants and whatever alcohol I find in the house. My dad isn't happy that I've raided his alcohol cabinet. 
  2. Paint - I love painting but I haven't had time to do any painting this year since starting University , so I'm going to get those creative juices going. 
  3. Read more- I love reading novels but I'm a slow reader and will start multiple books and not finish until a year later. About three years ago I started reading Memoirs of a Geisha ( which is a great book by the way) during that Summer but I didn't finish reading it until a year later when I was on holiday with family and was totally gripped by the story , so much so that I didn't want to leave the hotel balcony where I was sat, much to my parents horror. I did get a bit of a tan though which was a bonus, since usually I have milk bottles for legs. 
  4. Review some lecture notes- Yes this is a boring one I'm afraid , but my first year at University went by so fast that I feel that there's so much which I've forgotten that I will need to know for next year , so it has to be done. 
  5. Spend time with friends- I haven't seen a few of my friends for a while since being at university and away from home so I plan to spend some valuable time with a couple of close friends. 
  6. Exercise and Eat more healthily- yep , this again isn't a very nice one , well the exercise part anyway. I love experimenting with different foods because basically I LOVE food . I LOVE vegetables , meat , fruit .  BUT I also LOVE sweets , chocolate , cakes and Pasta these I have eaten a bit too much of during the past few months because during exam time I get stressed out and eat for comfort , sad I know, but true . 
    Well there you have it my goals for the summer, I'm praying that I'll stick to the list this time. Let me know what your Summer goals are .


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