Friday, 3 June 2011

Why? Oh Why?....

Why did I choose Pharmacy ?
I will have to be honest here , a Pharmacy career isn't a path which I have always wanted to take , it was never really a ; "childhood dream". In fact at school I was one of those arty people who loved painting and looked forward to reading books and analysing poems in English class(not saying that Pharmacy restricts your passions to science alone). However I was also a keen scientist , Biology being my favourite , always in awe of the structures of living organisms and how everything worked together to keep them alive and running like the internal mechanics of a wind up clock.

I never thought of myself as being the smartest in the class , because I wasn't the one with the highest grades and I was a nervous wreck when it came to exams, as some of you maybe able to relate to (in fact I think everyone has been a nervous wreck when it comes to exams at some point in their life). Nevertheless I was a trier , I loved answering questions and science practicals even if I wasn't always doing it right, I wasn't "cool" or popular or confident, labelled as a "Geek" in fact.

Anyway, I became more confident in Chemistry later on , and always tried hard as I felt I had to work twice as hard as everyone else to be just as good , I was trying to prove that I could achieve something and that I WAS CONFIDENT . It was my amazing mother who suggested Pharmacy , she saw my love of Chemistry growing and also my love for people  ( mushy I know ..), she recalled times when I was a child designing my own little experiments which consisted of mixing together any available liquid with whatever I found after scouring the garden and eagerly waiting for something amazing to happen.Nothing happened. I wasn't fully convinced by her reasoning but with my new found confidence for all things Chemistry I thought it was worth at least a careers office visit.

After some work experience in a local Pharmacy ( which led to a Saturday job) , a few more encouraging speeches from my mother and an increasing interest in the origins of drugs I was ready to enter a career in Pharmacy .

After just finishing first year as a Pharmacy undergrad I am nervously awaiting for exam results. It has been very different to what I expected and felt out of my depths much of the time( sometimes still do actually)  you may have felt or are feeling the same, no matter what you are studying.  

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