Saturday, 13 August 2011

A medical coalition

Hello friends , I must start by apologising for not writing in a while,my excuse is life and it's distractions which so easily capture me. But in all honesty I have been dealing with some serious distractions that I simply couldn't run away from. But I'm back and ready to give you my thoughts and opinions on a Pharmacy related topic this time, ( that's what you'd probably expect with Pharmacy being in the title)

     So I've been thinking about the topic of a coalition . In England we are run by a coalition government bringing two parties together which were once fighting each other for leadership , parties with different ideas that are now forced to coexist as one and bring their thoughts together to govern a country in the best way possible. Well I'm not hereto discuss politics  as it isn't an enormous interest of mine , however  I'm using this as an analogy if you like ,for somthing which interests me far more . It is the thought of GP's ( general practitioners ) and community Pharmacists coming together to provide the best possible care for their patients    .Although GP's and Pharmacists aren't fighting for leadership (at least I hope not any way ) they are both aiming for the same thing which is to make sure that individuals are as healthy as possible. After working in a community pharmacy albeit not being allowed to do much ,  I learnt quite a lot about what allows a community Pharmacy to function smoothly , but also learnt how a simple mistake in a prescription can put a spanner in the works . It's often something which can be  fixed by a quick phone call to the doctor , however its a disturbance nevertheless, and when a Pharmacist is busy with checking dispensed items, talking to patients or doing MUR's a silly prescription mistake is the last thing they need. I often saw the patient having to go back to the prescriber so that the prescription can be altered .

From this I see a gap. A gap in the communication between Pharmacists and the GP  surgery. I'm not discussing this because I think that somehow I have the answer to the problem,after all I have only just started my path to a career in Pharmacy , so it would be naive and slightly arrogant of me to think that. Nevertheless I do think there should be better communication between the two , whether that be a Pharmacist working along side the GP in the surgery, providing information on the best drugs for the patient or the Pharmacist providing a counseling service in the GP surgery on medication , it may even mean having more Pharmacists in the Pharmacy so that queries can be dealt with faster and a good service can be enforced.

This is just based on my thoughts and on what I have seen , it may not even be as big of a problem as I think it is , however I think that health practitioners coming together more often to discuss how community healthcare can be improved for the patient isn't a bad idea . What do you think ?

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